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Tom Eltang (born 1958) is although still comparatively young, but he is already active for a long time in the phalanx of the top pipe makers. Just in october 2004, he celebrates his 30th anniversary in professional  pipe making.

Already as a child, he was interested in the secrets of pipes; an interest which he inherited from his father. In 1974 he started to work for Anne Julie in Copenhagen. He went the almost "usual" way which a future pipe makers must go: He repaired countless pipes for several years. Later, it was permitted to him to try himself at pipes of one's own. After further 3 years in Pibe Dan's workshop Tom was able to make himself independent.

The "signature" of his smooth pipes is the so-called "Golden Contrast" staining, developed byTom into perfection. He learned to know this staining procedure with Anne Julie and Björn Bengtson which also have used it. Nobody has, however, perfected this finish more than Tom. He does his best also at his sand-blasted pipes to use this fantastic method on the polished rim of the bowl at least. The beauty of this contrast staining is effective primarily if one looks at the pipe from the proximity. In rare cases, the pipes are bright orangely stained.

The variety of the forms of Tom Eltangs pipes seems almost inexhaustible and suffices from classic till droll. As many other well-known pipe makers, Tom Eltang also created nice pipe shapes for Stanwell. As decorating elements silver rings, rings of box-wood and bamboo are used. He make smooth, sand-blasted and rusticated pipes.

Tom's growing popularity finds her correspondence also in the availability and in the price of the pipes. The pipe-guide of Rutzen (2000) point out a maximum price of approx. 300.- Euro. Today, a smooth pipe starts with approx. 700.- Euro - and one must talk of luck to get one. A Seven-day set of Tom Eltang in a solid (9 kg) precious wood suitcase has been sold for 25.000,- US Dollars in 2001 although the 7 pipes are actually standard shapes. Another great Seven-day set was introduced in August 2003, during the opening celebration of his new workshop.

Tom Eltang is very communicative and a kind person, who is speaking about his profession without any vanities .

Left to right:
Cornelius Mänz, Jörg Lehmann, Tom Eltang

The pipes of the series "Golden Contrast" made by Tom for Stanwell are also very nice and not only  deserving a prize alternative but they are also excellent smokers.

In the past, the pipes of Tom were stamped with a round stamp (until approx. 1999/2000), particularly beautiful pieces got in addition a little snail. There wasn't another grading. In the meantime, the logo (a horn shaped pipe), the name "ELTANG" and the grades are milled into the finished pipe, so that the markings brightly stands out. Pipes of the grade "Snail" are provided with the date. Grading (ascending): Moon (not longer used)  Saturn, Star, Sun and Snail.

Tom often invites other highgrade carvers for a cooperation. Here are the gorgeous pipes made together with Hiro Tokutomi and Kei `chi Gotoh.




Additional pictures by Tom Eltang and Per Billhäll, with kind permission

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The "7-Days-Set" made
in 2001


Another  "7-Days-Set" made
in 2003



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